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Relax, Eat, Tour




The Villas At Sunset Lane is located on a hillside with a constant breathtaking view of the calm and turquoise Caribbean Sea.  As our guests relax in our serene environment, they enjoy the elusive hummingbirds during the day, the croaking of frogs and the singing of the crickets at night. 


Relax around the pool with a great novel or get your tan lazing around on Dickenson Bay Beach which is within a 10-minute stroll of the hotel. Our two masseuses, Barbara and Tricia are on call to provide you with the most relaxing full body treats.



As owner and Executive Chef, I am very passionate about preserving my Caribbean Culture through its foods and cooking techniques.  So much so, I am excited to play my part in telling the Caribbean culinary story to the world through my Caribbean-Fusion menus that I have lovingly created, much to the delight of my guests.  The Caribbean is a region of many different races with our forefathers' foods, diets and preparation styles influenced by the Caribs, the indigenous inhabitants of many of the islands as well as, by African, Asian, European and British cultures.


I lovingly refer to my kitchen as my canvas that is used to create the most delicious and memorable dishes for my guests.  I collaborate with the local farmers and fishermen to offer the freshest ingredients in the preparation of my various menus for the guests. 


I invite you to experience my Vegan menus, enjoy the various flavours of curry by making your own, learn to make jerk marinade sauce to create the most delicious jerk chicken and jerk pork.  You will visit a local family to experience the old ways of cooking your entire lunch menu using a coal pot – a truly fascinating experience.



Antigua and Barbuda’s history is closely tied to the British who colonized the country in 1632.  One gets to tour the ruins of the old sugar mills dotted across the island as well as the restored version of a sugar mill at Betty’s Hope Plantation.  Then there is Nelson’s Dockyard steeped in colonial history with fascinating stories of protecting Antigua’s port of entries and an epicentre for naval repair and trade.  


Surrounded by water and 365 beaches our sea tours is a must experience - if it is your lucky day, you just may see the whales playfully performing for you especially in the southwestern side of the island just before sunset.  The fun does not end there, the catamaran day tours are filled with lots of fun, food and drinks and not to forget the calypso music which is a major part of our Caribbean culture – one has to be careful not to have too many of our rum punches so as to remain on a steady footing.


For the adventurous guests, there is the awesome zip-Lining, swimming with the Stingrays, yes, Stingrays that you can gently kiss.  What a thing!!! Or, you can enjoy Antigua’s hiking trails, some of them quite challenging but you are sure to have lots of fun with the locals while hiking. And yes, because we are surrounded by water, there’s lots of room to experience deep sea diving as well as snorkeling with our experienced tour guides.

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