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  • Nestled beautifully on a hillside surrounded by the richest of colours and natural fauna you will find your home away from home – the Award-winning Villas at Sunset Lane. But why a Villa and not the luxury of a hotel? The Villas at Sunset Lane, peacefully tucked away to provide a relaxed vacation for the entire family has much to offer as a slice of paradise. Here are a few reasons to vacation at a Villa at least once in your life time if not every vacation season: PRIVACY - ​If you are planning to go for your holidays with your family or with big Company of friends, then renting a villa is the perfect option for you! You will enjoy your privacy and the whole experience will take a very individual character. You will be able to invite guests and simply have a feeling of freedom and not following the rules of a hotel. COST - Let’s get a big one out of the way early – cost. Put bluntly, renting a villa can be amazingly cost effective when compared to booking a hotel room, and the more people you can get to come along with you, the cheaper it’ll be. FEELS LIKE HOME - Unless you’re spending seriously big money, it’s not very likely that a hotel room is going to blow you away with how wonderful and welcoming it is. At the worst end of the scale, a hotel room can be little more than somewhere to sleep and have a shower. Not so with a villa, which is somewhere you can really kick back and relax, and treat like a home from home. You probably won’t want to spend much of your holiday in a hotel room – but with a villa, it’s all part of the experience. MAKES A MORE SOCIAL HOLIDAY - Lots of people who book a villa holiday do so with their friends and family, and seeing as a holiday home is essentially, well, a home, that means there’s plenty of space for everyone to socialize together in a relaxed and comfortable environment – though whether you do that in the villa’s lounge or living room or outside on the terrace with a cocktail in hand is totally up to you! Vacations promise the ideal break to address how you live your life and kickstart a healthier lifestyle. Start by finding the right villa that suits your needs. Have you ever gone on a vacation looking forward to an extended break to get some rest and much-needed peace and quiet only to find quiet was a rare commodity in the hotel you had booked? Whether it’s late-night revelers roaming the grounds or the halls, noisy neighbors in the room next door or rambunctious kids having fun, overcrowded hotels aren’t always the peaceful oases they sometimes claim to be. Then, after a not-so-restful night’s sleep, you decide to go find a night quiet lounge chair by the pool to do some reading and maybe have a nap. Once again, your plans are thwarted by hoards of people. You can avoid the noise and crowds on your next vacation by booking a private villa instead of staying at a hotel.
  • Plan your destination wedding on scenic Antigua, home to history, outdoor adventure, and some truly beautiful beaches.Cost is a significant deterrent from destination weddings, but we promise you an Antiguan wedding would not break your bank account. From the pre wedding party to the moment you say ‘I do’ the atmosphere the island provides will be etched in you and your guests’ minds for a lifetime. An Antiguan destination wedding means bright skies, the beautiful horizon where the sea meets the deep blue and a unique and unbelievably scrumptious cuisine, whether or not you choose local food. The Villas at Sunset Lane’s intimate surroundings makes it a perfect venue for your island wedding. You get to choose from three amazing packages: Courtyard Elegance where our courtyard is transformed into an elegant ceremony space with the fountain serving as a focal point of the overall decor. The main dining room serves as the reception area with a décor with the colour scheme of your choice.Our team provides Pre-travel consultation with a personal wedding event coordinator, Bridal Bouquet using local fresh flowers, Groom’s Boutonniere using local fresh flowers, Decorated draped back-drop for the ceremony, Small table for register signing, One 10″ single layer wedding cake, One chilled bottle of champagne or sparkling wine, Ceremony décor to include arrangements for the ceremony area, aisle décor (aisle runner included), Chair covers and sashes and Reception décor to include a tablecloth, runner, centerpieces , napkins, menus. We consult you for preference and arrange everything thing to suit your taste. For the less sand friendly folk, a Poolside package is available at our villa. While our ‘Sand Between Your Toes’ package provides the entire ‘Tropical’ / ‘Island’ feel. Planning to get married in Antigua some time soon? Here is what you need to know: Antigua stands as one half of two of the most picture-perfect islands in the heart of the Caribbean, an Antigua destination wedding means bright blues skies, waters that match the hue and endless, white sandy beaches. This large floating nation, as well as nearby Barbuda, is infamous for its naval history, including an English Harbour, a restored dockyard, a museum and a marina. When your guests are taking a break from celebrating, there are a slew of hiking trails, most notably Shirley Heights, which used to be a military guard post. For couples who want to have many beach-vibes options, there are at least six to choose from, all with different values and perks, from coves and cliffs to a shallow, translucent sea. No matter where you exchange your vows, an Antigua destination wedding will warm your spirits—and start your marriage off sun-kissed. Best Time of Year to Get Married in Antigua Once you send out the ‘save the dates’—everything about getting married suddenly feels real. It’s an exciting moment, but one that many couples deeply discuss before putting it in writing. Especially if you’re having an Antigua destination wedding, securing the ideal weather forecast will ensure the rain clouds stay away. The best time of year is between May and November during the off-season. During these months, nightly rates and nuptial fees will be lower, and the temperature will teeter around 80 degrees. Because it is nestled in the Caribbean, there is a slight risk of hurricanes mid-September to early November, but historically, this island has experienced much turmoil. For fewer clouds (but plenty of tourists!), choose a date between December and April. Marriage Laws in Antigua Good news if you have your sights (and deposit) set for an Antigua destination wedding: it is one of the easiest to pull off, legally. Though some countries require waiting periods, here, you can get hitched the same day you arrive when you request a special marriage license. You’ll need to bring your passport, proof of divorce/death if applicable and a completed application, but otherwise, it’s easy-peasy. Make sure to check with a professional to ensure you’re following the rules, just to be safe! We hope to see you soon!
  • With over fifteen sponsors Antigua & Barbuda’s Sailing Week has become a major tradition for the Island and early vacationers each year. This is a yacht regatta held at Nelson's Dockyard, St. Johns, Antigua. It is one of Antigua's most notable events. Founded in 1968, it is cited as one of the top regattas in the world and attracts an average 150-200 yachts, 1500 participants and 5000 spectators on average annually. The 53rd edition of the regatta is taking place on April 25th - 1st May 2020. But to rewind a bit, it started in 1968 when a group of friends got together to hold a regatta. A number of the friends were hoteliers and part of their objective in creating the regatta was to extend the winter season by getting people to stay in Antigua a little longer – or to come specifically to participate in the event which would in turn extend the end of the current season. So in 1968 the Antigua Hotel Association sponsored the very first Antigua Sailing Week which was held from the 8th through the 15th of June with participating boats from the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. Invitations were extended far and wide via travel agents, inviting everyone to come to the ‘Island for All Seasons’ – Antigua. Festivities included a three-day ‘Lord Nelson Regatta’ with sailing yachts of up to 135-feet in length, power boat races, deep sea fishing and Sunfish sailing contests. There was also a two-day race among Antigua’s workboat fishermen whose boats had been freshly painted in bold Caribbean colours specifically for the event. The Antiguan Government and Antigua Sailing Week Committee went to great lengths to welcome visitors and ensure they had a good time. For those not on the water but looking for a way to be part of the action, there were beach and verandah parties from which the events could be observed; alternatively a small fee could be paid for a spot to race on a participating boat. On Saturday, June 8, 1968 everyone was invited to watch the finish of the Guadeloupe to English Harbour Race for boats coming from the southern Caribbean islands to participate in Antigua Sailing Week. That was the first of many parties and balls to be held throughout the week with the final awards party taking place in Nelson’s Dockyard with a Lord Nelson Costume Ball held on Saturday, June 15, 1968. The inaugural Antigua Sailing Week was such a huge success that it was repeated the following year with dates being moved up a week to May 31 through June 7, 1969. And so it went over the following 47 years, with new sponsors coming on board and the program of events is growing and evolving. The dates eventually changed and it became a tradition for Antigua Sailing Week to officially begin on the last Sunday in April every year. Eventually the hotels became less involved, the workboat races disappeared and dinghy racing events are now held separately. Super yachts and maxis now participate in more and more events designed specifically for them, the US East Coast and Mediterranean seasons begin much earlier which has led to a shortened Caribbean season, and the Caribbean yacht racing calendar is full. As a result, all Caribbean racing events have had to evolve to suit the current racing climate. Antigua Sailing Week’s tagline is now ‘where sailing comes first’, with organizers having recognized that sailors participate first and foremost for top quality racing. The parties and social atmosphere are still key features of any regatta, however, and so at the end of every day of racing there are a variety of parties and events designed to please everyone. Not everything has disappeared or changed though. The Guadeloupe to English Harbour Race has remained a fixture to this day and is now known as the Guadeloupe to Antigua Race. The Lord Nelson Costume Ball evolved into the Lord Nelson’s Ball and was held as an exclusive formal prize-giving affair at the Admiral’s Inn for many years. The Ball did, however, recently give way to more casual awards party held behind the Copper and Lumber Store Hotel in Nelson’s Dockyard which is open to all and welcomes sailors, residents and visitors alike. Regardless of evolution, however, one thing remains true. Antigua Sailing Week has and will continue to remain strong for many years to come. Participating boats and sailors come and go as do changes to the event itself, but Antigua Sailing Week is here to stay!

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