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Research Methods in the Study of Anthropology: Reasons for Using Them


The primary purpose of conducting a research project is to find out about a specific occurrence. This doesn’t only need you to document the event but also prove your understanding of the subject matter. Often, tutors would provide you with copies of the guidebook. You should be able to go through the copy and understand it. If necessary, try to make amendments whenever needed. Remember, it is always good to proofread your documents to confirm if it is relevant.

The Reason for Usingkaya Dissertation Method

You’ll hear many students requesting to use various techniques when handling their education. We have this article to show the preferred ones to experiment with.

  • Empirical

When using analogover digital platforms like Google and iPad, it is easy to determine the path of events and participants. Every data is stored within a few seconds on the device. Therefore, the researchers don’t have to worry about where and how.

Using the design, generally, leads to the development of panoramas that will vividly highlight the physical actions taking place. Moreover, the information is easily accessible because the devices are based on a computer.

  • Chart

On the contrary, utilizing a chart isn’t enough. It helps trace the location of the participant and the number of steps taken to reach them. Allows the researcher to quickly depict the extent of impacts and difficulties encountered. They can even indicate whether a particular action was problematic.

  • Observation

A great technique to adopt is to observe the individual behaviors observed. These observations will help in planning for an upcoming thesis or other academic task. When a researcher is keeping a record of the participants, they become aware of the laws and customs associated with that society.

Besides, observation enables the researcher to come across questions and circumstances that might be significant to the topic. Through the analysis, the issue becomes less complicated, and one is left with a hypothesis to answer.

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